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ERASMUS+ Strategic partnership to benefit the EU car mechanics

The main objective of Multilingual Car Mechanics E-Pictionary is to become a national platform in six European languages: French, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Estonian as equivalent of English language platform previously created by this partnership of VET and HE organizations.
The platforms will include professional terms supported by a photo of Car body, Car electronics, Chassis and more, Engine, Tools and Transmission car parts.

The implementation of the project will consist of two main activities types: 1. IT technicians work in order to create 6 digital national languages clone E-Pictionary platforms, enabling of search engines within them and boosting search engine optimization for promotion online, 2. Translation work/National languages professional car mechanics vocabulary items assigning to every car part image within Multilingual Car Mechanics E-Pictionary. Every national platform will have a range of around 7000 items.

The project will result in a huge digital database of car mechanics terms in 3 major European languages + minor ones that will be associated with a real life car part/ car component photo that will be appealing, user friendly, search-able by key words and free. The platforms will serve as an online practical tool for VET and labor market on any electronic device. It will be useful for distant learning and life long learning purposes.

Living in the era of digital technologies rapid development and taking over the traditional ways of teaching and learning the best approach for a modern VET school is to adapt quickly and create corresponding educational environment equipped with digital resources. This Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Innovation objective is to create an in depth and thorough Multilingual car mechanics e-pictionary (Clipping: Car Mechanics' Pictionary or MCME). The resource will contribute to car mechanics' skills upscaling and professional English language fluency fostering and will be reachable on a laptop, smartphone or any other digital device that is connected to the Internet.
The best approach to answer the professional and educational needs car mechanic is to equip them with digital tools to ease everyday work. A professional picture (photograph) dictionary - is one such tool. A Car Mechanics' Pictionary of 6 European languages = English that will be created as a joint effort of the multinational team of European car mechanics teachers and professors will be clear, precise and giving a user an adequate answer to their search in the provided visualized database. MCME will contribute to facilitate distance learning as well.



Main content parts of the Car mechanics' pictionary






                                                                                               Car Electronics  











                                                                                                Chassis, Brakes










                                                                                               Car body  

Project due 2024-09-30

Quality and monitoring
Taking into account the resources and limitations
Good timing and performance
Testing of the online platform by creators' team
Launching of the free Pictionary Online
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